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Beikai 20L, 50L anti-explosive rotary evaporator
【Name】Beikai 20L, 50L anti-explosive rotary evaporator
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【Product details】

Features of anti-explosive products
  ◆ Adopts explosion-proof electric machine, with statutory certificates: explosive-proof type: II type, B grade, temperature group: T4, explosion-proof sign: ExdllBT4.
  ◆ Adopts explosion-proof electrical heated tube, explosion-proof temperature sensor. .
  ◆ The company can offer valid explosion-proof certificate.
  ◆ Beikai firstly developed and produced explosion-proof rotatory evaporator, glass reactor, double-layer glass reactor, separator, constant temperature circulating heating kettle, low temperature cooling liquid circulating pump.

Features of Beikai 20L, 50L anti-explosive rotary evaporator
  ◆ Single collection bottle, bottom dump valve adopts novel structure.
  ◆ The collection bottle connects bend valve on the top, and the valve is equipped with vacuum check valve on the top, equipped with switch valve on one side.
  ◆ The PTFE thread valve takes the place of the original glass piston charge pipe, thus it has more reliable sealing property
  ◆ LCD intelligent temperature controller, with excellent performance

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